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The Clar!! it mouves!!!
Some of you may have seen this already, i just stumbled upon it via a google search - legendary stuff - would love one of these or a Metro GR4, or a Delta, OR RS200...hell any of them would do

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Dame id love to have a waste gate sound like that:hubbahubba:


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martin g


Delta is still one of my fave cars, if i could get away with using one day to day i would, the S3 is kinda a substitute to a Delta if im honest...bit like the closest thing i could get to a practical Delta


Yes its diesel, now cry u lost
those cars are insane!! i have never seen 1 in real life. (not anything special anyway) Propper Audi!

Thank god siena aint on here no more or he will be ranting on about the molecular structure of his bright green S2 that beet everything from here to timbuktoo!! hahaha!

sorry ill put my claws away now! :undwech: