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Grinding/Scratchy Brakes (with video)

MrTackalakalaka Oct 19, 2012

  1. MrTackalakalaka

    MrTackalakalaka Registered User

    Hello ASN

    my brakes have been making a weird scratchy sound for quite some time now.
    at first I thought it was my discs and pads were old. So I bought new discs and pads all round. It then started doing it aain after a while.
    i then noticed that my rear offside calliper was binding as the wheel didn't spin very freely (unlike the others). I then took the calliper apart, cleaned it and greased it, put it back together and it was fine for about 100 miles. It then started scratching again.

    I then took it to the garage to see if they could work out what the problem was. They reckoned my rear calliper was seized which was causing it to bind.
    they put a new calliper on and there was no scratching........until after about a 100 miles again. However, I jacked the car up and the wheel spins much better (about the same as the other side)

    Could my rear disc be warped from the old calliper that was binding?

    here is the video

    Grinding/Scratchy brakes - YouTube
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  3. MrTackalakalaka

    MrTackalakalaka Registered User

    Anyone know what it could be? Warped disc maybe?
  4. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    Interesting one, immediate thought was dirt/grit between pad face & brake disc, but given calipers been changed its unlikely.

    There is nothing caught between the heat shield and the disc is there?

    Take it sound always comes from same wheel. Suppose disc could be warped but you would think garage would have noticed it hen changing calipers. Take it discs aren't old enough to have a ring of rust round the outer edge as some VAG discs get this when when the rears are worn.
  5. MrTackalakalaka

    MrTackalakalaka Registered User

    Thanks for the reply!!

    It did cross my mind that it may be something to do with the heat sheild. Last time I had the discs off I couldn't see any signs of wear or rubbing on the disc or shield. I think the only thing I can do really is just change that disc and pads.

    Yeah it's always on the same wheel. Tis a pain in the bumholy!

    thanks again for the reply, appreciate it!
  6. George The Diesel Head

    George The Diesel Head Registered User

    OK ignore this. I didnt read your initial post thoroughly enough :whistle2:

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