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I currently have a genuine rs4 front bumper on my avant and would like to change the front grill for a black one.
What are my best options? Paint, hydrodip or replace ?
Do all the b8 face-lifts share the same grill? Mine has front parking sensors if that makes a difference. So I'm unsure if the cheap aftermarket grills cater for this?

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Looks great. Did you have any issue fitting the rs4 bumper to the car? I would have thought that the mounting points and/or wife arches woulf make the bumper incompatible with the non rs4 vehicle.

You could plastidip or paint if you have the patience.

If the standard grill fits, you could pick up this i have it fitted to mine. Pretty sure they have cutouts for sensors.

If the rs4 bumper fits without much hassle, I'd look to pick one up and fit it!