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Anyone else playing Grid 2? If you like your racers it's a solid 8/10 more racing game, rather than a simulation. The TTRS is a real weapon (the 1M is by contrast in the class below in this game :laugh:) in its class along with the RS5 and R8 LMS Ultra which is great for the final level when the speed gets quite crazy. Even on medium difficulty this game is a challenge, the AI drive well and will defend the racing line but will also make quite human like unscripted mistakes. With practice even the very hard difficulty can be beaten.

Grid 2 has social sharing features so here is some footage of the TTRS inaction. The car models and attention to detail are good - the TTRS front calipers & brake discs are spot on although it does seem to have had a rear brake disc upgrade. There are some good touches like the lighting, fog hanging low on the road and even animals making the odd dash across the road.

Online is as crazy as ever and races are generally a first corner melee but there are other playlists with more skill based time trials and drifts where you can avoid the worst of the usual psychotic online behaviour.

Well worth picking up a copy if racing games are your thing.
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If you get an R32 GTR then my mates car was used to record the sound for that and all the wheel spin noises are his car apart from the drifting.
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Just bought a copy, played an hour so far been really impressed with it, if anyone else has it and wants to play some online post your gamer tags.

mine is CHRI5 Mc