Greetings from Teesside!!


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Hey guys, I'm Jamie, girl Jamie :yes:

Just wanted to pop my head in and say hi, I joined here when I bought my A3 at the end of last year and been lurking around ever since but now that I'm starting to get bits and pieces done I've got so many ideas I need your opinions! The vast majority of you seem super friendly AND useful so hopefully I won't do anything majorly offensive to incur any wrath - apologies in advance for any noob-isms! :unsure:

So far the only thing I've don't is rapidly remove the horrid standard wheels and replaced with 18" Dare LP5 - got them pretty much brand new for a ridiculous price so well chuffed. They've definately divided opinion but I like what I like!

I'm gonna make a seperate post for a burning question that I have on which way to style the front - the husbands a TTOC'er so we conflict on what looks good on each others cars :huh: - can't wait to get your input - EEK!

I'll try and post a pic of my first mod - mid mod in fact lol :) may or may not work depending on my rubbishness.

(P.S. Trip to Awesome next week to gets me some Eibach Sportline lowering springs - and so it