Greetings - 110000 mile 2.0Tsfi - potential moneypit?


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Hi everyone, ive just joined this group so greetings to you all. I currently have a 2011 Mondeo 2.0tdci auto with 69k on it and am looking to purchase an audi a4. Initially I was looking for a 2014/15 model but as usual the higher mileage new shape b9 are coming in at around £11k.
I've seen one online which is a 2017 2.0tfsi sport but with 110k miles I'm concerned as to whether this will be a problem and whether I should look for the 2.0tdi instead. I generally do 10 miles travelling a day and dont mind the diesel of it's a more reliable engine.
There was a website that seemed to suggest that one of these engines had a lot of problems due to a large quantity of plastic components but I cannot find the reference.

Has anyone had any similar experiences? I've never had and experience with Audi so I'm in the dark despite exhaustive youtubing and googling.

Any advice greatly received


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With 10 miles a day You shouldn't be thinking about getting diesel. Any savings in fuel would be massively overshadowed by Your losses in replacing DPF and with other problems which would arrise because of driving so few miles - a lot of things would clog up and wouldn't have enough miles to burn up (many components on diesel cost more than on petrol car because of the higher complexity of engine - higher fuel pressures and compression). Diesel needs to be driven at about 20k miles a year to make sense cost wise.
100k miles on pretrol with is only 3 years old is a lot, that's a lot even for diesel car. I'd look for something with less than 40k miles.
Haven't heard about any issues with engines on B9s, but I have heard about few problems with stronic gearbox.

Audi A4 B9 3.0 TDi quattro 200 kw


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...suggest that one of these engines had a lot of problems due to a large quantity of plastic components but I cannot find the reference...

I think the issue here could be plastic components failing in the water pump, probably not just an issue with Audis. I've just spotted a coolant leak on my 2.0 TFSI so will need to get that checked soon and it had been making a funny noise on startup which I think may be the water pump.

If you are concerned by additional cost then a 110k mile A4 probably isn't going to be too kind on your wallet as it will soon be due its third gearbox service (if s-tronic), spark plugs are probably due plus a major service. Factor those in to the price and also put some aside for contingency. If something does go wrong, it isn't likely to be cheap to fix. That said, the engine probably hasn't had too hard a life cruising up and down the motorway all day as long as all servicing was carried out on schedule. Looking on autotrader, the cheapest dealer approved A4 2.0 Sport I found was £14k but had 37k miles on the clock instead (although would also be due some big service items that you could negotiate getting included for the asking price) and a decent used car warranty, that would look a better prospect in my eyes at least.

Lastly, the sport model isn't really going to have all the goodies that can make the A4 a really nice place to be. Have you looked at the Skoda Superb instead? You'll get a load more goodies for the cash.


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Thanks for your detailed advise... my difficulty is that I can't afford the car I now want lol.... I love the sweeping indicators and the interior ambient lighting.. but I also want something quick and the 252hp 2.0 is to expensive.
The older b8 (?) Doesn't have ambient lighting, or (I think) sweeping indicators..
Maybe I should just wait until the process drop.

How much are the stronic services? You mention 3rd major service.. do the costs beef replacing on these boxes?

I decided on Audi above a BMW 330d.. now I can afford one of those lol

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To get the stealer to service your S-Tronic is about £770 if I recall correctly. Not far off that if you go with an approved VAG mechanic. No idea how much an indy would charge but wouldn't recommend it.

Also, not sure, but the sport doesn't have the sweeping indicators. I believe they only come in with the S-Line and only in the rear unless you have the Matrix LED headlights. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.


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I paid Warrington Audi £225 for an s-tronic service early last year.

Mr Olympik

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Seeing the £225 jogged my memory :D Sorry.

It went in for the agreed gearbox service but they found the sump was leaking and that was £770 as the subframe had to come out.