grainy pics


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i took some pics lastnight in my lasses dads work unit, but when ive got them home and onto the computer they are grainy, the light was very poor and i didnt wanna use a flash so i messed about with a few things and on the preview screen they looked awsome, but when i got home they are grainy :(

am i right in thinking they are grainy cause i had the ISO set too high?


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In low light situations a digital camera cannot gather enough information on the CCD and represents this as 'noise'. Higher ISO settings accentuate this further.

You can reduce the noise in your photos by using Photoshop (or other similar image manipulation tools), but it tends to soften the image somewhat.

It's one area where I feel digital imaging has not moved the game on (I'm assuming you're on digital), and although some cameras have noise reduction filters etc... still don't resolve the issue 100%.

I use very large f2.8 lenses (72mm front diameter), and still suffer in very low light conditions. No substitute for good lighting unless you want to buy a Nikon D3X or Canon EOS-1D Mk3.


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Can you post a sample pic and the exif data for us to have a look at?.

For low light stuff you really need a tripod and cable release so you can leave the shutter open to save blurring.

Sure a tripods a pain to lug about with you but its the best way to get nice low light shots as the camera stays solid and you can leave the shutter open longer.



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i was using a tri-pod bud, ive just had another look at the pics, they seem to be fine, for some reason the comp had already zoomed in on it abit which was why they were grainy haha