Graduation day - soon to be s3 owner

Slipp Digby

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Currently waiting for my facelift S3 3 door to be built and am rather excited at the moment. The build date is w/c 3rd Nov.

This is the first time I have ever bought a brand new car and is a huge step up in performance from what I have owned before (peugeot 306 tdi and my current 54 plate A3 Tdi Sport 140).

I wondered if onyone could give me a few tips/thoughts on the following:-

GAP insurance - i dont intend taking this out through audi as its a complete rip off at £565 (mostly commission), but I reckon if I shop around I could get 3 years cover for a £5k gap in insurance payout for about £100. Is this worth having? The small print in my direct line policy says on a total loss within 1 year of purchase they replace with a brand new car (caveated with 'providing they can get the same spec').

Audi Service Package - this looks good value at £250 for 3 years. I do about 15-18k per year, mainly for work, and wondered if anyone could tell me what they have paid to have their s3 serviced and whether on this mileage its worth having.

Finally, for a complete novice what are the most important things I need to know about owning an s3?


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Owning an S3 - Errrmmm Look after it and floor it. Fanstastic Car..... Overall.


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The only good deal from Audi would be the service package, the first oil change alone some garages are quoting over £250 so there is your money back straight away!

You then get the next major service, oil and brake fluid change after that for free!!


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Yeah, get the service pack.

The GAP insurance you can still get thru Audi... just tell them their price is ******. Ive not heard of one not dropping it when presented with the paper work for the 10 other places you could get GAP from for a fraction of the price quoted by Audi. When they drop... go down some more. You know you can always walk away... Its a good laugh! ;)