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ch33p0x Oct 23, 2018

  1. ch33p0x

    ch33p0x New Member

    Hi! I’ve recently had some problems with my ACC. (Adaptive Cruise Control) I get this info in my dash «ACC breaking guard not available»
    I’ve been to an Audi dealership.
    Because of ACC not working, is because of the GPS. The GPS antenna (fin) is defect. That’s why i get that message in my dash all the time.
    I have to replace the fin, and that will solve the problem. But i’ve been googling a little bit. Is there something else that have to be replaced? Inside the car? Or will the fin be just fine? I think its wierd that the broken gps on the roof takes out the ACC?
    But i know that the navigation system is connected to the ACC? So maybe not so wierd?

    It’s an Audi A6 avant (4g/c7) 2012 (3.0TDI)

    Maybe a different thread, but:
    I also got a error message from diagnose with the fuel lid. «Short to ground» or something... how to fix that as well? I don’t have a lid i open from the inside of the car, i just push/press the lid to open. So i dont understand why the «short to ground» is coming

    Thanks for any reply
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  3. RAF_S7

    RAF_S7 Well-Known Member Team V8 Gold Supporter Team Sepang Audi S7 A7 Owner Group Black Edition

    There is no connection between ACC and GPS that I’m aware of.

    There is a connection between GPS and auto headlights for cornering - and auto selection of beam shape for driving on the left (UK) or right (Europe) roads.

    ACC can become unavailable for a number of reasons, and because it’s a critical driver assist package, it’s taken offline and can only be reset by the dealer, or VCDS.

    Things that can cause the ACC to go offline include:

    Fault on the self levelling suspension (too high or too low)
    Fault on one of the two Radar pods on the lower front bumper.
    Bumper been removed and radar pods disturbed, so out of alignment (realignment is a dealer only job)
    Fault on the forward facing camera (in front of interior mirror)

    You really need a VCDS scan to pinpoint what has failed. I would scan, save the results, then clear any faultcodes and see if the issue returns.

    The fault code regarding the fuel lid is a common problem on the older cars. When you lock the car, the fuel lid is also locked. The fault code is indicating a problem with the solenoid that locks the fuel lid. When it fails, it fails in the locked position meaning you won’t be able to open and fill with fuel (There is an emergence release cable inside the car, behind the right hand cubby which you need to remove to get to - see your manual for exact location)

    The failed solenoid can’t be repaired, it’s a complete replacement. It’s usually an intermittent failure, followed by complete failure.
  4. RJ-8V

    RJ-8V Active Member Team Daytona Audi A3 S-line owners group

    On the A6/7/8 ACC works also with the GPS radar. There are three components for ACC: radars, camera om windshield and antenna in roof.

    It's a sophisticated system on the A6.

    Also a common Fault that ACC and Braking Guard are not available. Most of the time its the antenna.

    Note: almost all the Audi's models from end 2011 Till Early 2013 have antenna problems because of the rubbers around the antenna are faulty. Water gets in.

    Just scan it with vcds, look at the errors. And replace the original antenna on the roof. Its not cheap.

    A3 8V Facelift Limousine
  5. DaveW

    DaveW Well-Known Member Team Floret Silver Audi A6

    I can vouch for the water antenna damage, I had a 2012 C7 which started to plot me right in the middle if the River Mersey following a particularly heavy downpour.
  6. Mo-S3

    Mo-S3 Member

    Common fault on the 4G model. If you dont want to pull the headlining down and change the antenna then get hold of a surface mount gps antenna that has a blue fakra connector. Pull the mmi unit out and plug it into the blue connector where the original one fits.
    The same roof antenna is also used for mobile signal so make sure that is working fine if not then you will need to change the roof one
  7. Tendaimwari

    Tendaimwari Member

    Thread resurrection.

    Mine has developed the same problem. I've swapped out the antenna for one of those puck types. Satnav works perfectly and it worked fine for the first day. Now it starts ot ping after approx 5-10 miles into a journey. In comparison, the shark fin antenna sets off the warning before driving off.

    Anyone have any ideas? I'll do a scan later and post the results.

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