Got up this morning and noticed this?????


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It's the drivers side front wheel


View before the front wheel ( bumper )


View after the front wheel ( side skirt )

Any ideas what it is?

I have my car lowererd on H&R springs so if the diagonsis is gonna cost me a few £££ then i'll have to get the springs taken off and book the car in to Audi.

Any thoughts?




I cant spell !
It might just the dirt / dirty water dropped from the wheel arch while it been parked up. Anything else been parked there before that might have dropped it ?
Obvious thing would be to check the oil level before having to do a little taste test of whatever it is on the path - ewww !!
Or a little water on top of the dark patch and see if the two seperate and give the oily rings ?

Hope it nothing to worry about.

Ps your car needs a clean !!

I had a problem with a gasket on the turbo and leaked oil everywhere. Stick a camera under there and see if you can see where it is coming from. If it is the same thing it is a warranty fix.

Problem with mine was they overtightened the new gasket they put on and cracked the turbo. Then it was new turbo time.


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with the weather we have been having its well worth giving everything a good clean, take her for a spin and recheck. Hopefully its just something you have drove through.


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Uhh not being funny & personally it would have been my 1st call, but did you check the viscosity between the fingers to see if it was oil or just dirty water & also smell it of the fingers, cause its hanging of the front & rear of the wheel arch which to me suggests dirty water, I mean the tyres & skirts/front bumper by this area look fairly dirty anyway so road crap to me, has it been fairly wet snow at all cause this is typical of.

Doesnt look correctly positioned for oil tbh.


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I think it is just dirt ( just had a check )

I will give the car a dam good clean and take it from there .




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Lets hope it wasnt a cat marking it territory.


I had patch there on Sunday morning after it had rained on Saturday night, while I was out and about. Mine was just dirty water. Must have been as a result of the muck on the roads following the cold spell last week.