Got some new wheels

Double J

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Tight fit. 19 x 9. About 2mm away from the strut on the front with a 10mm spacer.




Need to get it lower.


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Looks OK but surely it rubs?

Double J

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:laugh: Yes of course I'm on air. At ride height it's okay.

Need to roll the front arches and dial in a little more camber on the rears. Or use slightly smaller spacers on the rear.


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Very OEM+ :icon thumright: I like it


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Looks epic mate - choice of wheels, stance, colour - superb.

Double J

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Looks nice those wheels really suit the a3
Thanks man. I wasn't certain of them before, but I like them now they're on.
Very OEM+ :icon thumright: I like it
:) Thanks! It's the best way.
That beading looks amazing.. Wheels aren't for me but car looks nice!
They're not for everyone but thanks, I spend too much time detailing this car.
Always loved your car mate, looks lovely as always. Simplicity is the key
Wow thanks! Means lot buddy.
Looks epic mate - choice of wheels, stance, colour - superb.
Appreciate it man, thank you.
Love this.... I need air!

Haha yes you do sir! And I need bigger calipers.

Another shot of the beading as it was mentioned



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WHAT DO YOU CLEAN YOUR CAR WITH?! Seriously it looks great though, that beading!


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looks amazing, with air ride what happens if something goes wrong and it airs out while your driving? Instant right off no?

Adam Wilson

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Pretty much, but you could say the same if a spring shears in half..

Kind of, if you buy a decent kit the bags are unbelievably thick! It all depends on what sort of speeds etc you're doing and your set-up. I reckon if you're driving sensibly you'll probably need some arch-work and a new tyre.

Bag will lose pressure and car will lower itself. Usually sitting the arch ontop of the tyre. (4 way set up, you'll only lose pressure from 1 corner meaning only that corner will drop.. Rest of suspension will help keep car off the ground.)