Got some new tyres this morning......


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Since I've had my TDI 170 I've always stuck with Conti Sport Contacts, but today I broke the mould and went for Pirelli.

Got a new front set of Pirelli PZero Rosso 225x40 R18 (92Y) fully fitted for £230.

What do you think...bargain? Sticking with the Conti's would of of cost more, coming in at £252.


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Not a bad price at all, just put two new ones on mine (went for eagle F1 Asymmetries £10 cheeper) Ive personally never got on with Pirelli tires, seem to be good on nice warm hot days but even the slightest bit of moisture and they would be spinning out and dont get me started on the aqua plaining!


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Personally I would have paid more and got Sport contact 3s or Goodyear Eagle F1s for about the same price. I had Rossos as standard fit when I bought the A3 new and I replaced them after only 4k miles as they were that crap.


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Eagle F1 Asymmetries ......Excellent


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Thats not a bargain, £200 fitted would have been a good price.


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As you're in Southampton, next time use Autotrade tyres, they're round the back of the old Meridian studio and always have the best price without any haggling. I've used them for 5 years now had just had 2 F1's fitted (225/40/18) for £214 (tel 02380-335470)


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Thanks AndyMac, do you find them cheaper than even Micheldever?