Got 41.5mpg out of my car this weekend (pics)

I think a lot of the negative comments you are getting Plank are because the humour that you find funny, the majority are finding inflamatory.

Whilst I am not suggesting you bite your tongue, be prepared for some stick while you continue to post in the manner that you do m8.
It's ok - I can live with it.

Nothing I see/hear/read/write on an internet forum is taken seriously, and I certainly wouldn't take any comments personally! (neither would I aim any comments personally!)

Life is waaaay too short!

Plank said:
Oh for gods sake Staz, stop bandwagoning it! You're like the unpopular kid at school, hiding behind the popular kid saying "yeah, what he said"!

My original post was a dig at the OP for taking photos of his dash while driving at 40mph (hardly a smart thing to do by anyone's reckoning). The OP then said it was his GF that took it (despite the photos blatantly being taken from the angle of the drivers seat) so I had a tongue in cheek bit of banter, suggesting it was a bit of a nerdy thing to ask your girlfriend to do.

As for the diesel range, just because you're not interested, why do you assume nobody else is interested? Do you speak for everyone on here? Personally, 750 miles is pretty damn good, regardless of whether it's fuelled by Petrol, Diesel, Chip oil or a flux capacitor.


If you don't like my reply then don't read it. I haven't bothered reading most of the above.
staz1000 said:
Why is it when someone even mentions their mega 2.0TFSI fuel economy the diesel crew have to just in and throw in a few of their pics!? No offense but I don't really care how good diesels are at burning oil. If I did I would've got one

I too am no stranger to how great the 2.0TFSI is in general and how good it's fuel consumption can be as i had a MKV GTI before the A3 and was very impressed given it's performance, however when changing cars i thought i'd give the 2.0TDI a go and have to say especially when Bluefinned like mine i find it great to drive with plenty of 'real world' performance for me..
Obviously i realise that not everyone needs or wants an oil burner and i'm fine with that, but like Robin who started the thread i was impressed by my car's frugality and thought this thread appropiate for a reply..

I could i suppose have been very narrow minded and posted how 'i don't really care how good petrols are at guzzling benzine,being faster, being quieter than diesels if i did i would have got one' etc.. but i've had cars of both fuel types and enjoyed both whether drinking from the green or the black pump, i happen to think your particular car choice is a great one, mine too in my opinion and obviously suited to our respective 'wants and needs' from a car hence why we own them i guess, just wish people wouldn't 'hate' on a car just because it doesn't suit their car 'ideal'..

Apologies if i missed the 'petrol only' title in this thread on a public forum or if the 750 mile range of my 'oil burner' has somehow offended you.. ;)

staz1000 said:
But I do appreciate 41.5! That's better than I've ever got Robin :icon_thumright:

Me too Robin!, much better than i ever managed in the MKV GTI mate, best i saw was around 37mpg and that was when running it in lol! :)

Time for a group hug now... :friends:
No I can appreciate Ess Threes arguments. Although he does go on a bit and I think needs to just back down and say we'll agree to disagree sometimes. Especially when there's about 5 people arguing with him lol

Plank just seems to actually enjoy winding people up. Like when norm says his humour is inflamatory and he says he can handle it. ie he doesn't really care that he annoys people. And that to me is ignorant, arrogant and childish even. But at least I'm not the only one here saying things against him. I have said wrong things in the past and when there's more than one person saying I'm wrong then I take a look at myself and realise I need to change.

For instance my "poor pedro and his S3 saga" thread. It was meant to be a bit funny yeah but actually I do feel sorry for him. However it ****** him off and only d3fy replied to it. I realised it actually wasn't that funny obviously and regretted it.

I like to think that I have learned from that and can try to get through life not upsetting people because I learn from those mistakes.
Staz, I'm touched that you feel the need to go on and on and on and on and on about me! You're obviously smitten :wub:
On one of the dullest drives of my life yesterday I had to go to Skeg(Vegas)ness, a 180 mile round trip. Stuck behind every fcuking Micra on the road and Lincolnshire is swamped with speed cameras included the average speed ones I managed a personal best of 39mpg :superman: . I'm besides my self with excitement :rolleyes:
And another one...


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