Goodwood FOS - Any tips?


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I'm going to Goodwood for a couple of days next week and will be in the Start Line hospitality area. Its my first time at the FOS so was wondering if any members have been before and can recommend things to see, best places to spectate etc.

Conscious about dress code which is smart casual in the hospitality suites, i was just going to wear jeans and a t-shirt?

Are rucksacks normally allowed in? I was going to take a bag with my camera, suncream etc.

Really looking foward to it, especially now the forecast is good :)

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Not done the FOS but have been to the Revival several times , last in 2015 , the paddock pass I had was for a dress code of smart casual, jeans and t-shirts were a no no, cant say about startline though.
Any goodwood day out is great so enjoy it.


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Hospitality you need a shirt/chino type get up. Im a jeans/trainers person but think of it like going to a club. I just took a tshirt in my bag last time it was 30 odd degrees.

Rucksacks are fine. I also take a fold out chair or a blanket to sit on in some places.

Go to the rally early if you dont want to walk up there the queues get quite long for the shuttle tractor.
The layout has changed this year, think theres some drift stuff going on and action arena is back.
It is massive, you just have too look around!