Goodbye Gang


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It's not like I know anyone on this forum, but everyone has been helpful when I've needed them. Thanks.

But the S4 is going this Friday, it's going back to Audi. They wrote to me 3 weeks ago and said they were unwilling to invest time and effort resolving my problems, so it's going back. It's a real shame but at the end of the day it has to work properly.

If I remember I'll post a pic of it being taken away


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I'm really sorry to hear that, what problems were you having?


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Now you have got us interested; whats happened?, didnt know you had any issues with it?..


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I've had various gripes from Day 1. On day 1 the car would not start & I had to get Audi assistance to my house. On day 1 the front tyre was damaged and dangerous, from day 1 various bits of trim were damaged.

Given the money spent this was not a good start.

The car went in for fix-it work and they damaged other items.

The car went for these repairs and they broke something else, then argued with me for 7 weeks as to who should pay for the repairs.

The cruise control keeps turning itself off

They mis-sold the sold-roof

The PhatNoise doesn't work

The MMI hangs

The carpet is worn out (twice)

The windows mist up

To be honest the list goes on. None of it stopped me using the car but Audi are very good with words and short on action. They kept telling me my happiness with the vehicle was priority number 1 and they did not want me to reject the vehicle. Fair enough you say.

But they never did anything. I'd take the car to the dealer for an inspection and 20 minutes later I was away. No road test, no proper understanding and quite honestly they didn't give a S**t.

They never retuned any correspondence and I always ended up calling to chase.

In the end they have said I was too difficult to deal with, overly agressive and generally inpolite. From my perspective all I asked them to do was to get everything on the car working properly.

Audi Uk has never lifted a finger to help.

I suggested meeting everyone concerened for a round the table chat to try and sort things out but they didn't like the agenda I sent. All it had was 9 bullet points of the outstadning issues.

At the end of the day I was not prepared to settle for almost ok when I've spent over £44K so i've asked them to take the car back.

All pretty depressing really as I love this car.

As for next car, well it certainly won't be anything nice. Probably a vectra, mondeo or something similar. To be honest, If I can't own the car of my choice anything else is a very distance second. I've looked at other nice cars like an M3 or Merc AMG but they just don't interst me.

blimey, i'm feeling depresed typing.


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That is awful .................i would would name and shame in the local paper if it was me........thats the one reason i would never buy a car from the dealers because i could never handle the **** that would go with it if there was issues regarding the finished product ........If that was me i would be up in court for a assault by now
That is sad to hear.

Gutted you spent that sort of money and recieve poor service and even have a car with problems.


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Sorry to hear this.

I feel depressed too.

Good luck with your new choice of car.


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Did you go to the motoring press like What car? They may have given you advice etc..

Did they at any point offer to replace the car? Stupid me, cause they wouldn't ye daft sod!


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Sorry to hear this also. I have had problems with my car (and still have as it goes in for camchain tensioners tomorrow!)... but I have always found the dealership to come up trumps in the end. Granted these things take time (and not suggesting you are aggresive!) but the way to get things done is to be firm but fair, give them chance to put things right and set a solid timeframe around it (sounds like you did). Its difficult when you are a 'pefectionist' as cars are mechanical and can be difficult to troubleshoot but I see your point when you payed 44K.
None of my cars have ever been 'perfect' but its a case of whether you can live with the issues as they get resolved (hopefully!).
Better luck in the future...