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Good Week for the S3 - Coilpack recall :)

mcpickering Oct 10, 2012

  1. mcpickering

    mcpickering Registered User

    So recently i have been having a few issues with the S3, things like doorblades coming off, dodgy idle, all that malarky.

    However, i recently moved to Newbury and needed to head over to the Audi Dealer there to grab some new bolts/screws for the new drivers doorblade i have found, and whilst waiting at the parts desk saw the sign about recalls. This reminded me of the coilpack recall i had heard about so thought that whilst im there, may as well see if im eligible.

    Turns out i am :)

    got the car booked in straight away, they are doing it this saturday! not bad considering it was only yesterday i went down.

    so all for free they are changing the coilpacks, with a clean and hoover outside and inside and also a free health check... (lets see how many "issues" they find ;)

    Thought i'd share my happiness and maybe remind some people to have a check and see if they can get theirs done too.

    James :)
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  3. Nogmeister

    Nogmeister Registered User

    Nice one mate, I had mine done a few months back. And I got a free tin of mints too! Winner
  4. mcpickering

    mcpickering Registered User

    It's funny that i actually feel slightly excited about it, it really wont make any difference to the car, but ah well. free is free :p

    better than having to pay £300 odd for all 4 coilpacks and labour.... :D

    free mints, amazing, the list is endless :O haha. i will see if i get some too.


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