Good to see more site Sponsorship


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As above good to see and hopefully beneficial to users here with good cost plus rates included?

Any comments from the sponsors?


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Any freebies from the sponsors. ;)


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We dont offer discounts to forum members I am afraid , but what we do offer is discounted prices all of the time

That is a link to our web site and compare prices on it.
Always give us a try as we could end up saving you money

For example Powerflex prices are excellent , and we offer a discount on Milltek too

Last week we did an end of month special and offered an extra discount on our Neuspeed ARB`s , but as we did not advertise on here , it is a shame I could not post , but believe me I will on this months , end of month special

I am here to help , so give me a shout if it is needed



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Basically, I cream all the money made on the site for myself.

Awesome GTI are now due to carry out the 435897bhp conversion on my RS4.

Vagcheck are my personal assistants and follow me around wherever I go incase I get stuck.

DPM send me lots of freebies in the post

AmD are sending me a set of Momo Sportec Wheels

I am of course, joking :p