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Good parts supplier for rear wiper motor

Cantata Jan 28, 2020

  1. Cantata

    Cantata Registered User

    A6 S-Line 3.0 Avant TDI 2012.....

    After several strip/rebuilds of my rear wiper motor (usual problem, water in it?) I had to give up - the contact plate that controls the intermittent wipe was beyond it all.

    I didn't even ask an Audi dealer for a price on the part. Eurocarparts wanted £245. Many on Ebay for anything between £50 and £110. A close look at the photos of those at the cheaper end suggested that the wiring connector plug was a subtly different shape. More googling and eventually found buycarparts.co.uk who advertised what seemed to be the right one for £80 all in, including carriage from Berlin.

    Ordered last Thursday, arrived this morning (Tuesday), relieved to see a genuine Valeo part in a sealed Valeo box, and it looks exactly the business.
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  3. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    Nice one. I've repaired mine but not sure how long it will last.

    They all seem to fail after 3 or 4 years.

    I made a seal out of ptfe tape around the pipe and packed the unit with some thick grease
  4. Cantata

    Cantata Registered User

    I tried various bodge repairs over the last 6 months - it's the original, so 7 years old - but none seemed to last, and the final straw was that no matter what I did to it, it wouldn't park or stop in the right place and I figured the contact plate behind the main cog had got corroded.
    Really chuffed with the job. Seemed so strange to be out in the car today and have the rear wiper working properly! Not too pricey either. After 50K miles with me, this was only the second thing to go wrong with the car since I bought it in 2013, first thing was the solenoid switch on the fuel flap, and that was fixed under warranty.
  5. noisy_lightning

    noisy_lightning Registered User

    My previous car was an A3 and over 6 years ownership and 110k that I did in it I went through 3 wiper motors. I believe they are the same ones in the A6, and what I can't work out is why the design hasn't changed as they are clearly flawed!

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  6. J10NMM

    J10NMM Registered User

    think I've only used my rear wiper twice in 8 months...
  7. Cantata

    Cantata Registered User

    Just a postscript to this as so many owners I know have rear wiper motor problems and some spend a fortune having them replaced.
    I had to replace mine in the end, gave up fixing it every few months. Got it from here https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/audi/a6-avant-4g5-c7-4gd/10416/10234/motor-windscreen-wipers, £84, comes from Germany, a Valeo part in a Valeo box, the real thing. Eurocarparts wanted £245!!!!
    The supplier though is a bit of a pain afterwards on email, sending mailshots at least once a week unless you stop them.

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