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Sep 4, 2003
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Solihull, Midlands
Got a retired old couple living to the left of me, both really nice people, always polite and up for a bit of banta when we catch each other.

Recently, I've been hearing these little cries from an animal of some sort in the middle of the night, I thought it was just cats or foxes having a scrap outside, which is normal around where I am, so thought nothing of it.

But arriving home late after work, around 12am'ish one night, the neighbour was outside his house walking the Dog. I had a quick chat, and then he told me that the dog has pretty much had it, not long to live now, she was blind already, and needed to poo every few hours due to old age, but they can't bear to put it down. Dog was the noise I could hear screaming in the middle of the night, crying to go out and take a dump!

Don't know what to think of it really, I'd rather they put it down and ease it's suffering, and maybe aid my sleep in the process, but I'm in no position to comment... really sad I think, and the old couple don't have kids or anything, so I guess they are pretty attached to the dog also... :crying:
I think it's the decision every pet owner hopes they will never have to make :(
I had to make the decision, it wasnt one of my best experiences, the best thing is you get to say goodbye.

I miss him!
done it cat one dog.worst things ive ever had to do.All those years of companionship and pleasure mean f76k all when they take thier last look at you.Truly awful
:blownose:I'm sure they've all gone to animal heaven, all happy and free.:blownose:
is the dog suffering in anyway or was it just crying to go out.

i dred the day when my boys time is up.
Its an attachment thats wonderful and fulfilling. Luckily (in a way) some of the decisions were taken out of our hands but it still never made it any easier. Its the hardest one to make and the sadest. Dread it when ours reaches that time but hopefully not for an awful long time. We've always tried to keep them but not to suffer, sure this couple, despite their pain, will also have their pets welfare in mind.
is the dog suffering in anyway or was it just crying to go out.

I really don't know, the Dog in question looked like it was just getting on with it's own thing, but it's obviously crying for attention in the middle of the night, as she can't see and needs to do a poopoo outside every 2-3 hours, so the owner tells me.... just the howls after what he told me made it really sad, doesn't sound/feel like she's in pain or agony I have to admit...
Mate, it sounds harsh, but its got to be the RSPCA, its bad enough with humans, as if they are suffering nothing can currently legally be done to help them, but with animals the option is there, so to make it easier for them, i think this has to be the only way out and im sure your neighbours will understand why it has to be done.
In fairness, I feel their pain. My oldest dog is now a 13 year old Golden Retriever.

Intelligence of a daffodil, but altogether a nice mutt, loved by all. She's got to the age now where getting up is a struggle. She's blind and deaf, and her bowel control is not what it once was. However, she isn't in any pain, and as long as it remains that way, she will carry on I'm sure.

The pain is mainly for me to be honest. I have to pay out £85 a month on tablets that WD40 her joints up. Whenever she gets up off the floor - no matter where abouts in the house she leaves behind **** on the floor from the strain of getting up. She can't get down the steps to the garden any more, so instead she relives her self (both ways) on the drive - meaning my wheels constantly get covered in sh*t. She's blind as a bat, and keeps walking into the cars - it's only a matter of time before she dents one.

But we love her! LOL. As long as she keeps wagging her tail, then I guess she's happy enough.
I guess the neighbours are feeling the same way as you put it Welly, I should just let it be.

Dogs are dependant on their owners for food etc, and as such, they become a member of the family very quickly. When they're as old as mine is, it's hard to let go.

I had my 18 year old cat killed by my Uncle's Jack Russell Terrier. That was a sad day for all involved. I don't feel that at 18 years old, a good age for a cat, being ripped to shreds is a particularly dignified way to die. Still, I will avenge her death when the time is right.

Anyway, my point is this, cats are less dependant on their owners, and whilst cats are loveable etc, they are never as much of a member of the family as dogs. I was sad when the cat died, so when the mutt in questions bucks the kicket, that will be hard.
Aw! poor thing but out of any pain and distress now! Shame and soo painful when this happens. Been there a few times and it doesnt get any easier!