Good Buy?


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A little high to me but also remember that the front seats will need wiring in as they are electric fwd/back and tilt

Bonus is that they have the rear seat cup mine and also the front seat under trays


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Already have the loom for electrics as I have the sport.


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Think you have to add another loom don't you.......the wiring on my 04 sport does not look high enough gauge cable to cope with supplying all the seat motors and the plugs only had connections for the lumbar and a separate one for the airbag


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I personally have no idea if its a good price or not. If you came very close to buying them and you are happy to pay that amount then it's a good price for you. It's all down to preference, how much you want them and how much you are willing to pay for them ☺


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No seat switches, no seat motors, broken speaker cover, no door trim, no drivers door window switches.

Seems like a bargain to me!

Anyone want to buy my full electric and heated Cloth front seats and rear seats with cup holder AND original First Aid kit for.....say.....£1250?!
I'll include all the switches and motors too!! :applaus:


I personally don't think that set is worth £800. But if you are happy with them then that is what matters ultimately.