"Good" B8 S4 Tune?


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I've read the file from my Audi S4 2010 (CAKA, Simos 8.4) and compared to an original I got from the internet. It's definitely been tuned but I'm not experienced enough in petrol maps to tell whether it's a good tune - Is there anyone that would be willing to take a look and let me know if I send the tuned and original files over?

The car drives very well and certainly doesn't lack power however when logged with VCDS the supercharger divert valve starts to open at high revs, I've been informed a good stage 1 tune should not divert/waste any boost at all, so it may not be optimal?

If it's a bad map I'll have it redone, if it's OK but just diverting some of the boost at 6000+RPM I'll probably just leave it if it's doing no harm.

Please let me know if you can help.


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I cant help you directly, but I'm about to get my car mapped and could ask my tuner to have a look at your file. I have an S4 CAKA engine and I'm getting it mapped soon, I was looking at some measured values to get a general idea of the health of engine before a remap. I noticed my fuel trims seem strange. I have negative fuel trim over -20% on both banks. but its not setting a fault code for this? Car appears to be running fine. Every car I've ever worked on fuel trims are between - 10% and +10% anything over 20% should be setting fault codes shouldn't it?. Would it possible for you to check yours and report back? Any help appreciated thanks George.

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