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Golf 4 1.8t no compression k n cylinder 2,3 and 4

mogsalie0010 Dec 28, 2017

  1. mogsalie0010

    mogsalie0010 New Member

    After rebuilding my engine and having cylinder head by the engineers, when I tried starting car just wouldnt start. Did compression test and found cylinder 2,3 and 4 have no compression.

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  3. Spike1947

    Spike1947 New Member

    Did you not check all that by turning it by hand after a rebuild first , to see if it turns ok and to check your timing is correct , your first job to doyou would feel the compression when turning it manualy for each cylinder , that operation should of been you our first job to do ! , as for the no compression could be the valve lifters not seating properly , you would have to remove valve cover to chech each lifter on its compression stroke to see if there is a gab between lifter and cam .



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