Glow Plug light flashing and then ECU light comes on when driving


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Hi Guys,

I have an 08 plate A3 cabrio 2.0 tdi. I have had an issue last week, when in 'Drive' and in town, when stopping the glow plug light would begin to flash. After a couple of miles the ECU light came on. I have read some forums and I am not sure if this is to do with the DPF filter or not? My last fill up was supermarket tesco diesel, which incidentally was the first time I have used this.

I left it for a couple of days and then on Monday morning the light had gone and glow plug stopped flashing. This is when I was driving in Sport mode, at higher revs.

Can anyone advise if this problem is to do with the DPF? If so, are diesel engine cleaners recommend? Or is it just the value diesel I filled up with.




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Could very well be the dpf regenerating, ideally be good to check via VCDS what the soot loads are in the dpf & maybe do a manual dpf regen, see if this helps, a longer spirited drive will possibly help.


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sounds like the DPF as Nigel said. without wanting to start a discussion on fuel, avoid supermarket diesel. there must be a shell or BP or esso nearby that you can use?

put some Forte DPF cleaner in and take it for a long drive, keep it in Sport so it holds higher revs to build exhaust gas temp and burn off some of the soot in the DPF


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I have tried using the DPF cleaner and running at high revs on the motorway and these warning lights kept coming up.

A relative of mine ran the diagnostic and this came up:
P2563: Turbocharger Boost Control Position Sensor Circuit Implausaible Signal. I have no idea what this means or what the suggested action should be.
Any advice?


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Does it go in to limp mode

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electronic actuator on turbo is buggered , there not suppose to be available seperately but it can be done