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I've managed to break the lefthand hinge (nearest the passenger door) of the glovebox lid in my A3 8p but after reading alot of posts (not all about the A3) I'm not sure what the best solution is and whether its covered by Audi which would seem to suffer from under strength glovebox hinges or excessive dampers due to age

Some posts say the damper that stops the lid opening or closing too quickly needs either
  1. cleaning and greasing
  2. replacing with a new style damper
to stop the hinge getting stressed when closing or opening

The solution to the broken hinge seems to be
  1. alot of money for a replacement glovebox (seems OTT)
  2. Somehow replacing the hinge panel but keeping the front & locks of the existing box (not sure if this works on the A3)
  3. Glueing or re-enforcing the hinge
Does that about sum up the options or does anyone know the latest solution to this?

Any guides of how to repair it would also be appreciated


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  1. Take the glovebox off - 5-6 screws including one inside.
  2. Unplug the light.
  3. Lubricate the inside of the piston.
  4. Glue the hinge back together with superglue, once it holds use epoxy resin to reinforce it
  5. Wait until resin hardens - might be up to 48h
  6. Put back on.
I have fixed one in my car over two years ago and it's been fine since.


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I did one on an a4 a few weeks back and it's a right pain in the ****.

I followed the instructions I found on the a4 section (same for the a3).

Take the glovebox out and then remove the hinge pins which takes ****** ages but is doable with some effort and and mole wrench. That takes the front off and allows you access to the broken piece properly. I would then epoxy glue it nd make up a piece of reinforcing from a right angle L shaped bracket. Once the glue is set, attached the reinforcing carefully and self tapped.

I would strongly recommend taking the front off as its a right pain in the **** trying to do it in situ without the piece moving. TRUST ME. I tired. Epic fail. ;)


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I've got the same problem. can links for the guides be posted in here? it would be appreciated.


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For what its worth the A3 8P has
3 bolts at the top of the glovebox,
1 in the back of the box
2 underneath
1 in the door side passenger side panel which you have to pop the panel off to see.

I've managed to take the entire box out and removed the damper which was held in with a split bin but how do I get into the damper itself to trim off some of the O ring and lube it up. Its not budging for me at all. I thought it might have been a vacuum seal so drilled a tiny hole in the base but that didn't free it up. I found a video online but can't make out how he opened the damper.

Anyone able to shed some light on how to open the damper?

Repair Glove Box A3 8P.wmv - YouTube


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If you've drilled a hole in it, it won't be a damper any more!

Down to Audi for a new one. :sadlike: