Glovebox hinge broke

My son has a 2007 a3 2.0 170bhp tdi slines he went into the glove box and it broke, been looking but cant seem a way to fix it, or if they sell replacement hinges been on ebay seems you have to buy the joblot, so just looking for some help please thanks.


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Can be repaired usually, I superglue together to hold the joint, then use a special resin to make it a hard fix, I topfix 2 pack, but it's expensive, so use rapid araldite if need be.


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Had one hinge on A4 B7 glove box broken.
With the blow torch, I've bend old alankey and with previously drilled in hole, glued it in (short part on the hinge and longer part of it, went through to the door of the box). Filled gaps with glue to reinforce and it was good as new.

If you're DIY person, you can find a way to fix it and reinforce it.
If not, just get the replacement second hand one from eBay.

I would recommend to look into glove box damper also.
Those hinges also break due to pulling the door down or up, as the damper doesn't allow to open freely.

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I just got a new glovebox after faffing about trying to fix a hinge.
I also disconnected the damper, works A1, or you can leave it in situ and drill a whole it, just a small one to help it work better
Thanks all for your help my son has got back to me found this on ebay the only problem is that the glovebox is from a 2008/2012 A3 8P would anybody have a clue if this would fit a 2007 thanks for all your help. He said that this is could be the part no 8p2857035j6ps


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Common issue indeed, break off very easily.


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You can order new hinges etc from Ali :).

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Hi all sorry for the late reply thanks to all of you for your help my son said that it can't be that expensive new lol tried to tell him, he got on the phone TPS said £300+vat had to laugh at my son for trying so went on ebay found one for £70 quid so just going to get that but thanks for all your help.


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Make sure you lube the brake element & drill a hole in the bottom or it'll break again.