Glove Box Ipod Dock Conector troubleshoot


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First off all, my name is Ivan, and im new to this forums, i own a red 2008 audi a3 2.0t (ill post pics when im home) and i have that annoying ipod dock on my glove box, which is currently failing, i can only hear the right speakers when im on my ipod, i researched a little bit and my conection is dirty or failing, so i wanted to install one of those OEM ipod cables instead of my dock conector to see how it turns out, can anyone help me out with this? im sorry if my post is poorly written, im from mexico and im a total newbie on this forums.


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Hi mate have you tried an extension cable from the ipod dock to sit in your glovebox?

i cannot guarantee it carries an audio signal through it but it looks like this....

Look at this on eBay:

30 Pin Dock Connector Extension Data Cable Sync Lead for Apple iPod iPhone iPad

i would also try cleaning the port with a toothbrush :)


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Thanks, i ordered mine a while back from ebay, i guess ill try it as soon as it arrives, and ill try to use compressed air to clean it out, since the space is really reduced to properly clean it with a tooth brush, thanks for ur help


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I cant see how an extension cable will help the issue tbh as its the dock with a fault.

What oem ipod cable are you referring to exactly, you mean replace the dock system for just a cable connection altogether, thats not a cheap solution overall, that would be a dension or similar unit.