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Hi all,

been looking into the prospect of machine polishing my windscreen to try and get rid of the wiper marks and a couple of other fine scratches which show up on a bright day.

i have seen the “Lake County Rayon glass pads” has anyone used these or have even polished the windscreen/windows and can comment on either and how easy is it to do compared to doing paintwork?

thanks in advance


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I have heard about using superfine wire wool for deep cleaning and polishing glass, never had the balls to try it myself though


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It's a laborious task polishing glass. Most of the products out there will be superficial in terms of only glass cleaners, certainly not enough to remove fine scratches or engrained wiper marks, given the only way to remove the scratch is to polish it further which actually has to remove the surrounding edges of the scratch for it to disappear.

Not sure a machine polisher will actually do anything either, given glass is far harder than a painted surface.

Years ago when my kids were little one of them scratched our TV screen by accident. This must 15-18 years ago. It was Sony, and a nice bit of kit in its day and of course was expensive. Not sure, but we didn't want to claim on the home insurance. I researched glass polishing and ordered cerium oxide powder. I also got felt polishing pads which fit a drill attachment. Got the tv on its back, taped it off like a scene of crime with masking tape and plastic sheeting and set to work on the scratch.

The cerium oxide is mixed with water to form a sort of clay slip, and you basically run the drill felt pad over the scratch methodically always keeping the felt pad wet and the cerium oxide slip in its path which is basically a super fine abrasive. Well you know what it worked. It makes an absolute hell of a mess, but it's the only thing that will remove a scratch on glass.

Key thing is not to stay in one area, use excessive pressure or allow the drill felt pad to dry out or get hot. For wiper marks that would probably work. Either that or look at a claim on your glass insurance down the line.
I'd most certainly would be making a glass claim.
If you have deep scratches then such removal may possibly mean the wipers won't wipe in that area of polishing.

Sure to be cheaper to claim than buy all the products in the long term.

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