Getting my A4 qauts back on monday gonna give it a treat ANY SUGGESTIONS ? ? ?


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Feb 11, 2011
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Hey guys,

With abit of luck i should be getting my A4 1.8T quattro back on monday and i fancy giving it a treat?

I just put on a set of brand new 19" RS4 alloys just before it went into the garage, factory privacy glass and a K04 TURBO, im not really interested in speed just want to make it look better/different/newer. i would like to give it some electric back windows but thats abit too involved lol or a updated audio equipment as the one in there is abit dated?

oh but i dont want to spend a fortune.

Any idea's?'
hmm dont think the miss's will appriciate those lol it will sit abit too low by the looks of it, what ones would you recommend?
Coilovers are completely height adjustable so you don't have to go too low, or you could go with a nice shock and spring upgrade to compliment your new wheels? Maybe a 30 - 40mm drop
What age is your car?

RS mirror caps and/or Aero wipers are nicely priced and very effective upgrades.
2002 i have ordered the boot lip, s4 wing mirrors and im not sure what to do about my audio system? my LED screen is playing up and it looks worn lol but dont know what to put in the whole?
hmm dont think the miss's will appriciate those lol it will sit abit too low by the looks of it, what ones would you recommend?

If you're putting 18's or 19's on you'll be gaining some height anyway. I've just put 18's on mine and it's a lot higher than it was. Now needs coilovers to bring it back down to earth. It's even twitchy around the ton which I'm sure is down to a lot more air going under the car than before so I'll have to find a nice splitter to try and counter act it as they're a lot cheaper.
i have allready got 19" RS4s and jusy found out i allready have coilovers lol, im tempted to get a converts in may have to count the pennys so i can give this to the missus,

do they all come with K04 turbo's? (1.8T quattro's)?
oh ok, must of been added by the previous owner, i dont really know alot about turbo's and if im honest i dont know nothing. The k04 turbo that was original turbo on the engine when i got it and it does look fairly recent but it is knakerd whistle's and smokes (black) and alot of it.

The engine i got to replace the AJV that was taken out is a AUM and it came with a K03. is there alot of difference between a K03 and a K04? shall i get the K04 repaired and put back on?

what do you thiknk?
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Black smoke does not necessary mean turbo gone or whistle. Whistle could be boost leek and the black smoke could be the engine. I would look at having the turbo looked at but first check to see if there is is any play in the shaft of the turbo.
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ill do that when i get home as its only round the corner, i wish i knew these cars?
lol, i should be getting it back anyday now for some reason i was excited untill i realised the tax has just ran out and the mot is due anyday lol.
Its one thing after another.

well better go to the post office