Geometry & Alignment A3 TDI Quattro Help


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Hello all and good afternoon, i lowered my A3 about nearly 8 months ago and all was good and althought it was a long time ago the time has flown and in that time i forgot to get the tracking and camber done so ive scrubbed 3 tyres out of 4 so its time to do something about it before a fit the Roti's as i dont want to scrub the 19's :(

Sorry to babble on but can you guys tell me if the front is adjustable to lean the camber back out and if so how??

I booked it into a garage to get done but when i turned up the chap said he wouldnt look at it because it was lowered and he wasnt sure how to adjust the fronts??

Help required urgent as usual as the MOT is due soon and i need to get the tracking sorted and the 4 new tyres fitted to the 18's.


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Front camber is not adjustable without camber plates/ adj. top mounts. Rear Camber is.

PS You need a better garage! It makes no difference whether its lowered or not, its still the same principal of getting the wheels aligned!

Totally Tim, i only went to these guys because they have the latest and greatest gear and well recommended (but only if your not a modder :( )

So if the front chamber is non adjustable how do we stop the inside inch of the tyre being removed in a matter of months :(

I am hoping there is a bit of adjustment in the rack ad the caster and toe look all to pot as well, N8 says -1 to -1.5 camber and we are rocking so we will see on saturday as i have it booked into another garage for tyres, tracking and a MOT.

Adjustable top mounts??


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Tbh, I would like a solution too. After fitting coilovers I had my car tracked on a hunter system and set back to 'factory' toe. However, the inner edges of my tyres are now ****** after a few K miles (I assume from the camber) which isn't making me happy as the rest of the tyre still has about 4mm on!

Would be interesting to hear from some others with slammed cars about the inner edge wear.


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I would too, as I'm just looking at doing mine. If I know what is likely to wear badly I can do something about is before it does.


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Hmm seems to be a common problem with Quattro's. Mine is not lowered only standard sline spec. but it is still eating the inside edges. have checked the alignment and it is spot on.
I will follow this thread with intrest to see how you get on.


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I was told by the local tyre pro's that the geometry was the same for the FWD and the quattro. Is it different then? They even showed me the the listings on their computer.