Sold Genuine VCDS Hex+Can USB Cable

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Hi all,

For sale is a genuine Ross Tech VCDS cable.

These are getting rarer by the second due to it's unlimited VIN usage unlike the newer ones where you do get a limit unless you are prepared to pay the price!

This was purchased a while back directly from Ross-Tech at a cost of over £400 and has been an invaluable tool paying itself off 10 times over just by the diagnostics but also people are happy to pay beer tokens to have their fault codes read so they can investigate further.... or it might be as simple as switching on beep to unlock or needle sweep.

This is where the unlimited vin comes in handy as you can plug into as many supported cars as you want.

I'm sure you know what the cable can do if you have landed on this so I won't go into that :)

Please see
Ross-Tech: HEX-USB+CAN Interface (
It will be just the cable itself you will get as the software is available on the Ross-Tech website and is advised for you to get the most recent.

Other than that, there are numerous videos online to assist not to mention the VCDS area here

Looking for £230 including special delivery postage to anywhere in the UK.
Any questions, do ask!


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Hi aj84, on the website it says you need to pay $99 to register?
Also I am not in a rush and willing to wait, if you get no joy then I am happy to offer £160.
Kind regards


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Hi H-M3,
I knew the link would potentially raise queries regarding the fee and was meant to talk about it.

From what I gather, this is purely to transfer ownership and also basic support. I've actually never needed to contact them myself from memory. Also downloads/upgrades is not dependant on this either.

More information can be found here

Thanks for the offer but it's a fair bit away from what I am seeing these sell on the bay which is where it'll end up as soon as a no fee offer is available :)


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You only need to pay for the support but there are plenty of knowledgeable people who can help you and the Ross tech forum is really good. I have never used the Ross tech support and wouldn’t pay for it. Mine paid for itself with one rear brake change and been used on quite a few different cars. When you plug in the interface it downloads the latest software to your laptop.
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