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Genuine Audi Rear bumper protector A3 A4 Q2 Q3 Q5

creweaudiparts Oct 2, 2018

  1. creweaudiparts

    creweaudiparts t.fox@creweaudi.co.uk Audi Main Dealer

    Genuine Audi Rear bumper protector

    This is a practical, simple solution to prevent scratches on your rear bumper, providing protection against dogs, shopping, pushchairs and large sports equipment when loading and unloading the boot.

    • Fit in 10 minutes using self-adhesive tape
    • Individually tailored for each model
    Fits -
    A3 3dr and Sportback 2012 -
    A4 Avant and Saloon 2016 -
    Q2 2017 -
    Q3 2011 -
    Q5 2017 -


    £65.00 Inc postage
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