Genuine Audi DataPlug 81A051629 For Audi Connect Services £36.00

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Genuine Audi DataPlug For Audi Connect Services


Genuine Part Number - 81A051629

Fits most models from 2008 - onwards

The Audi DataPlug is the basis for the use of the Audi connect Plug and Play app. The Audi DataPlug is plugged into the onboard diagnostic interface (OBD 2). With the app, the smartphone can then be connected via Bluetooth via the Audi DataPlug with the vehicle. The Audi connect Plug and Play app offers the driver a variety of important information about the vehicle and journeys. This includes, for example, a digital log book with export function, driving style analysis with information on fuel or power-saving driving, important vehicle data at a glance, coordination of servicing dates and much more.

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bought an 2017 S4 last week it came with one of these info isnt too bad its better than the MMI online my audi app for my car. but its bluetooth so realtime data not available until connected near the car.

if your audi is post 2017 with the sos feature then the my audi app is much better with more info and features available at all times.


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Is the app compatible with carplay and AA ? Or does it have to be viewed through the phone

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you need to download the Audi dataplug app from the google store or IOS, not viewable on the cars MMI