Genuine Audi "Audi Sport" Puddle/Entry Lights **RARE**

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Genuine Audi "Audi Sport" Puddle/Entry Lights

These are a low volume item so pretty rare and we only how low numbers.

These project the "Audi Sport" logo in White and Red.

If unsure of fitment please feel free to message us.

£165.00 Inc postage

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RS3 S.

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These look great,I've fitted some to the front doors on my RS. I was lucky to find some in an Audi breakers yard, as stated above they are very rare!!!!!.


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Will these fit a 2019 B9 A5? Waiting for delivery of it at the moment. Chassis number - WAUZZZF55KA080183

RS3 S.

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I just got them for mine as they were a good price. Perfect fit & mine is a 2016 RS6 c7 model.


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Thanks to Crew audi I now have a pair in the front doors of my 8v A3 saloon got them at a best offer price as well :yahoo:


Testing Testing Testing.......1..2..3

How do you know these don’t get hot during use ?
Image quality is never as good as OEM LED

I remember an owner telling me when he tried these ‘cheap’ Chinese versions about them getting hot when in use and the image they projected was ‘fuzzy’

I’d not be risking those on any car.

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