SQ5 Geniune Audi retrofit towbar need assistance locating installation


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Hi All l am wondering if anyone can assist. I have a 2021 sq5 wanting to install a genuine retrofit fully integrated towbar like the one in this youtube video

however l have been told by audi dealer here in Melbourne Australia they dont do this. Does anyone know here if it is possible? And if there are any towbar installers that supply and do this type of install. If you cannot veiw the youtube video basically it is a towabar that fits and folds under the rear bumber bar and has a button on the side of the interior boot that you can press it to release the towbar and if pressed again retracts the towbar. the towbar also has the plug attached to it. Looks really nice




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We have this on our 2018 SQ5 which we purchased second hand a year old from an Audi dealer. There is also a software license that is required to enable all the towbar related features. Not used the tow bar as yet and great that can be hidden out the way. Sorry no other info.


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I dont think that the swing-away type towbars meet Australian compliance requirements. I researched heavily into retrofitting a towbar to my 2014 SQ5 and eventually installed a Hayman Reece with a square hitch (50x50) receiver. This setup is pretty neat and allows the removable section of the diffuser panel to remain in place, although you do have to cut out a small section to accommodate the receiver.
I like the 50x50 square receiver as it allows me to use the towbar for a bike rack, or a double adaptor that i can use the bike rack and tow a trailer at the same time. I mounted the flat plug below the bar to keep it simple. See photos. With and without the receiver cover trim.
Screenshot 2021-11-28 115544.jpg
Screenshot 2021-11-28 115719.jpg