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General recondition on my car *Asking for advice*

juanjo Jul 15, 2019

  1. juanjo

    juanjo New Member It's my birthday

    Hi everybody,

    I posted some time ago my car on the forum, following thread:

    Maybe would be nice to say its a BKD engine, MY2004

    My car does have high mileage (405.000km) and is my daily driver, and my main and only car.

    Following August I'll have my vacation and I have access to a bit of space to tinker with my car. It does have some issues, some of them I do remember, some of them I've forgotten:

    - Braking system would need a bit of inspection, I'm suspecting worn pads and maybe discs. Would also switch to braided lines money depending. Question is: wich is the measurements I'd have to make to decide to change disks/pads?

    - Rear wiper has made me lots of trouble for the last four years. I did buy an amazon item resulting in a poor quality materials and breakdown, but I still have the original one that does not move. I think they can be reconditioned changing some seals and general cleaning and greasing. Any advices?

    - Upholstery on the front seats is worse for wear on the alcantara. Does anyone have any idea where could I find some replacement upholstery?

    - I think one of my injectors (I think on Cyl3) is playing the ghost, did change the wiring and this made a bit of difference but sometimes still fails. I've read about changing the seals, some people had to change the whole injector. How could I manage to know the way to solve this issue?

    - Timing belt is due on 420000km if I'm not mistaken; don't really know the intervals on my engine, but I'd like to know if someone could point me to a tutorial on how to do it and if it's necessary to dial the timing with vagcom (VE pumps did have to adjust timing, but I'm not sure on the PD engines)

    - Have had an issue with the clutch for about four years (two complete clutch kit replacements inbetween - ask me about poor workmanship on some garages) and my clutch pedal usually works for the half part and not the whole. Is there a pump inside the cabin as it does have one inside the gearbox? could that be my issue?)

    I think it's many items on the list for now, and the first question would be Do you think it is worth to throw more money on this ride?

    Many many thanks in advance,

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