General PCP mileage question


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hi all,

Wonder anyone on PCP agreements can assist here. 1 year into my pcp contract I’m just double checking my mileage and have noticed the following inconsistency on the finance form.

Mileage per year allowance 13,000
Mileage when car bought : states 18,000
Mileage now: 29600 (so looking an average of 100 miles over agreement each year)
However total miles per year should not exceed 13,000 AND/OR 71,083 at the end of the agreement.

What does that last sentence mean? I back-calculate that to mean the finance has been arranged with 19,000 on the car originally, and it makes quite a difference to my average miles estimated per year. Am I safe to take that 71,083 figure as the one to work towards (given that I’ll probably try to get p/ex 1 year from the end of the contract.

Thanks for any help