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General mod advice or opinions/suggestions

Elliott Kennedy Apr 18, 2018

  1. Elliott Kennedy

    Elliott Kennedy Registered User

    Hi, new to the forum. Hoping I could just get a general bit of advice on some planned mods to my c6. I’ve carried out a number of mods already from interiorlight upgrade, fog upgrade, currently in process of dechroming and rs grilling it, have had it window and headlight tinted. Had a blue tint strip fitted ovee my drl to blue up the look of it and I plan to get my fog bulb lenses tinted blue too to match. There’s a number of mods I have left to do that I’m hoping someone could advise me.

    My car:
    2009 a6 saloon
    3.0 tdi Quattro
    S line
    Le Mans edition
    3G mmi
    44,000 miles
    Silver colour

    1- vcds - lookin to have some coding work done soon as I understand a number of things should be possible, if anyone can provide the coding/codes or anythin or suggest any nifty features that I could add please let me know
    -Ambient cabin led lighting?? Can this be increased
    -Sidelight drl brightness increased to match drl brightness??
    -Overall drl brightness increase??
    -Led Tail light brightness increase?? To help brighten through the tints a bit more
    -S line logo mmi display
    Any others?

    2- d3s options
    I have got tint strip on my drl ideally the colour I want my other front bulbs to be (10k ish on the xenon scale) I have 6000k in my fogs but the fog light casing will be blue tint filmed too to match. I want brighter headlight d3s bulbs I know the Osram cool blue is not the closest in colour but the best in terms of quality and output (arguably) for what I want. Or do I just buy the 10k colour cheap China 55w d3s bulbs??

    3- performance
    Had it mapped to around 300bhp already and all gear otherwise is stock.
    - straight through exshaust? I want my car to still look oem on the tail pipes but no boxes or dpf? If so Then Another remap after??

    Lots of thought has already gone into my mods but if anyone could or would suggest any at all, that would be ace

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  3. audijonny

    audijonny Registered User

    You will have to keep your dpf. The mot rules are changing this year. If a dpf is tamperd or not there instant fail.
  4. Gazwould

    Gazwould Registered User

    That's been the case for a while , it's the smoke opacity test as it will go by if lower the VIN plate manufacturers smoke coefficient number.
  5. KrisKrk

    KrisKrk A6 C6 4F 2010 LeMans Avant

    Great looking car.
    300BHP and you still looking for an increase? I probably would also. Lol

    As for vcds mods, I cannot confirm with increasing the brightness for lights you want.
    I am in the process of upgrading the ambient lighting for myself. Led strip is being added underneath door aluminium trim to be brighter and footwell's have already upgraded. Still can adjust it in MMI. Interior lights are getting overhaul also. Will have pictures in my thread soon. Still waiting for few parts to arrive.
    MMI splash screen Sline logo change you can do yourself

    If you have hidden green menu enabled, it is fairly simple.
    Seen also a video from the same guy about enabling engine oil level visible on the screen. This require the sensor in there. I've activated this option but have no sensor so nothing is showing up.
    Needle sweep, lap timer/booster meter/engine temperature can be also enabled via vcds.

    I have upgraded my D3S bulbs to Osram CBI but was thinking about Philips Xtreme vision. There is a v.2 of them now and apparently is even better than the first one. Visibility is much much better than oem and temperature of them is also lower. I personally wouldn't go for cheap ones. Either you gain look and you'll see nothing on the road or you go smart and have all (performance, life and great look)

    As for the exhaust and power increase, yes it may increase your power. If you planning to remove dpf and go straight pipe, mot might be on to you.
    I had my dpf gutted and have mot expiring 29th May. As new law is starting from the 20th apparently, will get that sorted before and worry next year.
    For more power mods, contact @bobby singh . He's a genius as for any power upgrades. Maybe he can recommend a turbo upgrade, bigger intercooler and what not. 3.0 is he's favorite engine. He keept on pushing me to get one, every time We spoke. Great guy and I'm sure he'll be willing to help.
    If you local to Windsor, visit him and you'll see he's car hi did. Man, this is something else. A4 sleeper that can outrun RS4

    Good luck
  6. Elliott Kennedy

    Elliott Kennedy Registered User

    Thanks to all for your input! I’m aware of the mot changes also to the exclusion of hid’s from this year. Let’s say “hypothetically” I can get my car through an MOT irrespective of changes, if I went for a straight through exhaust over the likes of a millitek full exhaust for it, will that provide enough of a gain to be worth doing? I’m definitely up for considering a bigger turbo and inter cooler, if someone could pass me contact details for someone in the know, I plan to keep my c6 for a while I just want it to be a weapon! I had a 335d before and even with the map I’ve had put on the a6 i cannot beat a 335d in terms of acceleration (to be expected) but it would be nice to make a 335d owner be like “was that an a6 that went chipping past?” Lol I don’t want to make assumptions but I gather most won’t be too keen on my choice of mods so I appreciate any advice you guys have!

    Many thanks for your replies!!
  7. KrisKrk

    KrisKrk A6 C6 4F 2010 LeMans Avant

    Contact @Bobbysingh
    That will be your man for any power mod you can think of

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