gearbox software , s tronic 7 speed quattro


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i have seen documented the software can be a bit laggy and confused in certain situations.
the biggest beefs with mine are this and the fact that the paddle shifts are like a 1 second delay which is just pants .
Well when i bought the car it was at the 80k mileage mark and i put it into glasgow audi for an s tronic oil and filter change due to them having a good price on that deal and it saved me much hassle.
Well i asked them a couple of times via their email booking service advisor if there were any software updates available for my transmission to go ahead and update while in at their place even if it incurred a fee for me to pay.
I was told there were no software updates available for my vin and i left it at that.

Anyone know any different?
should i be looking for a good independent to do this
or wait until i decide what size tyre and wheel setup i am going to go for and then get a "custom" dsg/stronic tune, but they seem to get quite expensive

my software and date of install as picture suggests its production line software

out of screenshot is gearbox part number 4g1927156b



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Not sure what the changes are but there are actually x3 updates available for your vehicle. As an authorised 3rd party service provider I can complete an update for you if you are in or can get to North London.