Gearbox overheated: please adapt driving style


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Hello guys,

Im facing this problem with my A7 2013 3.0 after i changed the gearbox oil. And it shows these codes


After trying the replacement of the gearbox coolant and the water pump the problem is still there so the final decision is to replace the clutch. Anyone face this problem before and if anyone knows a high preference clutch and kit repair??


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If this only occurred after you changed the oil, why would you think the clutch pack is the cause (though if overheated you could have damaged it)

Did a garage do the box oil change?

What oil did they use, were all the filters changed, how much oil did you put in?


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not a lot of info to work from
could be the mechatronic failing?
could be you are running high power or mileage
do you tow?
clutch cooling or biting point calibration needed?


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