Gearbox Mount video


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Hi all, can anyone confirm my suspicions that my gearbox mount has far too much play/vibration from the video I've taken below? This is stationary, applying load to the engine in 1st and reverse.

I'm getting a lot of shuddering when pulling away and the gearstick moves backward and forwards with engine load. Snub mount looks ok from the top but will be checking it properly this weekend. I'm just not sure how much movement the rear mount should allow, my guess is not this much.

It's an A4 2004 1.8T cab btw

Many thanks

D9n dk

Dan Klang
I'm not to sure mate but I'd like to know as I also get a bit of movement from the gearstick under pulling away and engine braking and hard acceleration


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Replace it, doesn't cost much


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I think it's had it to be honest, it sounds like it rattling around in there. I'll replace it and update with the outcome