Gearbox mount bolts HELP


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Hi all,

Does anyone know the part numbers for the three bolts connecting the gearbox mount bracket to the gearbox? (One of the bolts has a smaller stud and nut at the top)

Should these bolts be replaced after removal, when I did the clutch I removed these and re-torqued according to info I found online. Torque was around 50Nm +1/4 turn which seemed extremely tight hence i'm worried they will break.

I've ordered the two bolts connecting the mount to the bracket as I removed these but could not find any information on the three bolts in question.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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They should be replaced after every use as they're a stretch bolts.

Use this above to find torque specs.

Starting with the keywords A3 Mk1
So you will need " A3 Mk1 gearbox mount"




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Cheers man, I did look on the workshop manuals but didn't find the correct section.. I thought the three in question must have been stretch bolts aswell as the others, I just couldn't find the part numbers anywhere


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this is a fun one, I'm just about to do a clutch change myself, and am getting paranoid about stretch bolts.
the large mounting to body are N10209605 M12x1.15 x 65mm
I cant find any others that are referenced as stretch bolts on a post 2000, Haynes has the mounting to transmission as stretch's before 2000

what I don't see in Haynes is the bolts marked as A in the second diagram, ie screwing into the bracket mounted on the gearbox.

it does list these for the other end, , again as non stretch after 2000

getting a little confused