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Gearbox malfunction

Cebo mbili Jul 23, 2020

  1. Cebo mbili

    Cebo mbili Guest

    I have a 2012 audi s5 v6T petrol. I have just repaired my gearbox replaced clutches and most wearing parts replaced. Had my mechatronic unit repaired at another specialist and then the box was reasembled. I was advised to be gently with the vehicle for 1000km at least for the car to adapt to new parts. I just got "Gearbox malfunction continue driving " warning coming on and off. Can it be adapting to new parts, or wearing in new clutches or mechatronic not updating new settings. I know it's no longer a new car but I am loving it please advice.
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  3. b2

    b2 Active Member

    You need to diagnose it with a scan tool to have some sort of idea of what's going on, otherwise your piss1ng in the wind.

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