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Gearbox malfunction

Cebo mbili Jul 23, 2020

  1. Cebo mbili

    Cebo mbili Guest

    I have a 2012 audi s5 v6 dsg trasmision petrol, I have just done a major repair on my gearbox. Clutches and most wearing parts replaced. And took the mechatronic unit repaired, and later they assembled the box. I was advised to be gently on my car until 1000km. However the "Gearbox malfunction continue driving is showing up" again. But the peerfomance of the car isn't bad at all. Could the car be learning new parts or Burning them in. Or mechatronic not updated to new settings. Somebody please advice I am not a mechanic but got little clues. I like this car not easy to let go.

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