Gearbox malfunction

Bulent Eroglu

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hello, I am on vacation with my Audi A7 at Turkey and while I was on the motorway I encountered a problem with my gearbox, I was crusing around 120 kmh and "gearbox malfunction carry on driving" on the display and few seconds later it said the same thing with "no reverse". The display just showed D and I had no control over the throttle. I stopped the vehicle and literally shut the car restarted it and the errors disappeared.
It seems fine now but I will need to drive this car back 1500 miles and I am very curious if it will do the samething while going back home.

Does anyone have any idea on what could be triggering this?

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Probably one of the sensors in the gearbox. Common problem in de A6/7/8.

Take it easy with it, don't floor it. Give it a read out and change the sensor.

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