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Gearbox Issue

danny104 Nov 10, 2018

  1. danny104

    danny104 Member

    All, I’m after some advice please. I have just had to have a 2nd hand gear box added to my a6 avant 2010 c6. Everything went well but now have the following issue-

    The gear change selector on the LED display work as it should do for 1st - 3rd gear but as soon as I go to 4th it goes blank 4th and 5th gear is also the same but when in 6th gear it says I’m in 5th and need to change to 6th.

    The second issue I have is cruise control works up to 3rd gear but then drops when go to 4th gear and can’t re enabke it whilst in 4th - 6th gear.

    There aren’t any loose wires, I’ve reset the systems by disconnecting battery for 10 minutes but still have this issue.

    Has anybody every had this when changed a gearbox and if so how did you fix the issue?

    Many thanks for you help in advance.

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