Gear lever grab handles part number


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Saw in pics for the new rs3 the grab handles either side of the gear selector were stitched leather rather than plastic, are these already available on the A3 range as would like to find out if I can do this mod. If anyone has any info on these or a part no that would be great. Cheers Tom

mike foster

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Not available for A3 according to ETKA


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I've seen them once before for sale on German Ebay but as said they aren't listed on ETKA. Expensive IIRC


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Just had a look, think they are only available with the extended leather package option.


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A very expensive option for the A3 8P. I had to pay 1015€ in Germany when ordering the car.
Here are some pics

i think it's criminal that you pay that much and the stitching doesn't match. if it did it'd look gorgeous, but otherwise it doesn't quite look right