Gear knob


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How do i remove it?? 99 model. I would like to replace mine for an aluminium one preferably an audi one?? Any ideas.


OCD clean
Sorry i think i maybe explained wrong.I fully intend to get a vag replacmant. Are they all basicly the same fitment. The main thing is how to remove the old one??

Pat J

Getting there
Prize the trim at the bottom of the gator attached to the centre console out and pull up over the gear knob take the one use clip off and pull the gear knob and gaitor upwards.
I fitted Pt.# 8L0863278BNRMD to mine cost £20-78 + VAT from the dealer. which is the s-line leather with an alloy sleeve and leather gaitor took about 2 mins to fit.
Fitting is the reverse and it has the one use clip already attached.


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I fitted a SKODA one. Its a perfect fit and looks original. item no was 1z0... sorry cant remember rest but this is it: