Gear Knob!!


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Greetings All

Overtime my gear knob and the plastic insert that fits in the top have become a little tired looking.... I have been searching relentlessly to find a replacement to no avail. Does anyone know if the 8P Knob will fit on to my 8L gearstick? Or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated don't really want a "skull" or shiny silver one!!

Cheers :think:


Defo worth the wait :)
Yes, believe they do fit, if you do a search you will see that some people on here have fitted the 8P S3 knob to the 8L S3, so it should be the same across the range.


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Be nice if it gave me the 6th gear aswell lol

I remember when I were a young lad, a not-very-bright chap I went to school with bought a Mk1 Fiesta just after passing his test, and was so proud of the fact it was a 'special', with a 5th gear.

When queried about this, as we all knew there were not any 5 gear mk1s, he proudly showed us the car, with the phrase, 'see the gear knob - 5 gears'

We then showed him how the stick moved, and he went a bit quiet!

Sadly he wrote it off about a month later...