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Gear Box service?

Dtfrith Nov 15, 2018

  1. Dtfrith

    Dtfrith Member

    Hi all
    We purchased a used 2014 A6 avant 2.0 ultra from our local dealer back in February. The time it was on 29k miles and as part of the buying process we went through what would we be needing to do maintenance over the next couple of years. We agreed to get a service plan for the next two services and we were told that the gear box was ‘sealed’ and would not need to be serviced. All good until it was in for an MOT this week and they have told me that the gearbox needs an oil change?! How do I know which box I have and if it does need an oil change or not? Having only had this conversation in person I do not have anything to back up my claim so it looks like if it needs it I will have to pay up my self.
    I should also add that they told me that the brake fluid needed to be changed as it was nearly a year over due. When I questioned this they were sure that they had no recorded of it and that it Gould have been done Novermber 2017, at which poin the service manager realised that they should have changed it before we purchased the car (noted in the paperwork)
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