Gathering interest for b8 style DRL headlights at AITP


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Bringing b7 headlights to AITP, they're the sort after b8 style which fit the b7, many of you will have seen them before. Just grabbing some attention before Sunday. They also come bundled with a HID kit (one for each side so two).






All in all the condition is good compared to most used Chinese headlights, one of the clips is broken (last picture) but will work without or easily be glued back. There is a small silver swirl within the housing below the main beam (picture 3) but it's hardly noticeable and was something to do with the kit but doesn't effect light output. Needs new bulbs. There was lacquer peal where they were tinted but think this is now sorted. They're also a bit dirty too haha may clean them if I'm feeling generous. Just being honest really most this stuff doesn't matter and is just me being picky.

Looking for around the 160 mark but open to sensible offers, could be a quick bargain for someone. Drop a PM if interested or for more info.

Would have put this in classifieds but doubt anyone would have noticed before Sunday, plus I'm selling at the event rather than this site.
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